Anyone with an interest in theme parks, movie sets and big time Hollywood film production will thoroughly enjoy this exciting entertainment destination. Universal Studios is one of Hollywood’s oldest film studios and offers fun-filled tours of their historic back lots, soundstages and movie sets in a dazzling fashion that only Universal Studios could achieve.

Visitors are transported into the scenes of famous Hollywood movies on exciting rides and in thrilling shows while behind-the-scenes back lot productions immerse you in the thrilling action of movie making.  It’s not a wrap yet!  Some of the city’s best restaurants, shops and nightclubs are located right next to Universal Studios within the three block entertainment hotspot called CityWalk.  Here’s just a brief look at Universal Studios Hollywood and its action packed attractions. 

Studio Tour 

Discover how some of Hollywood’s biggest hits were made in this illuminating tour of the production facilities of Universal Studios.  Guided tours transport visitors through four acres of legendary studio lots and past a diverse collection of thirteen city blocks of sets that have been used in well known TV shows and popular movies. 

From the Bates Motel in Psycho to Desperate Housewives’ Wisteria Lane, there are amazing sets that will be recognizable to everyone.  But what’s a tour without a little Hollywood action?  Just one of the many exciting attractions is King Kong 360 3-D.  This adrenaline pumping experience puts you in the middle of an epic struggle between King Kong and a giant T-Rex demonstrating to visitors just how it’s done in the movies.  Don’t get too comfortable when it’s over because JAWS is lurking in nearby waters!

Theme Park Rides

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a heart-stopping ride?  Bringing many of your favourite action packed movies to life; Universal Studios features the best in movie themed rides and attractions. 

The Revenge of the Mummies ride is a special effects masterpiece which hurtles guests at 45mph (70km per hour) through the twists and turns of darkened tombs. 

Transformers: The Ride 3-D is the world game changer in rides.  Combining high definition 3-D technology with fight simulation makes for a mind-blowing ride that transports you into the middle of a robot war zone. 

If mummies and waring robots aren’t enough, why not take on the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park?  This stimulating water ride takes visitors through jungles and past what could be a tropical paradise; but watch out for the killer T-Rex and the big raft plunge! 

Buckle up because those are just a few of the exciting adventures at this world class theme park.  From the House of Horrors to Shrek 4-D and the Simpsons Ride, there are plenty of adventures yet to experience.


Located just next door to Universal Studios, CityWalk has some of the best shopping, dining and clubbing in all of Los Angeles.  As one would expect in Universal City it’s also a great place to catch a movie.  The 19 screen CityWalk cinema features an IMAX screen for the ultimate in viewing pleasure. 

CityWalk is a three block entertainment area filled with over 30 cafes and restaurants and an equal number of shops.  Dining options are varied to satisfy any craving while shops offer the latest in fashions and accessories, specialty foods, collectibles and health and beauty spas.  Nightclubs add a vibrant atmosphere to this non-stop location with stylish lounges, inviting bars and even the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.     


There are many great ticket options when visiting Universal Studios.  A Front of the Line Pass is highly recommended and includes park admission as well as a one time ‘priority access’ to each ride, show and attraction.     

The VIP Experience gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at movie studios and features tours of closed sets for some of Hollywood’s most famous movies.  Tickets also include priority access to all rides and attractions plus more. 

The 2 Day Pass offers visitors the economical option of visiting the park a second day for only $5 more than the cost of a one day pass. 

Want to avoid the queues and walk right in like a movie star? Speak to one of our experienced consultants today to purchase your tickets.

Getting There

Universal Studios is located in Universal City, northwest of downtown L.A. and just to the north of Hollywood.  Situated along Hollywood Freeway 101, Universal Studios can be reached via all major interstates.  From the south exit Hwy 101 on Buddy Holly Drive and make a right on Universal Studios Blvd.  From the north exit on Cahuenga Blvd West and turn left.  Follow Cahuenga to Universal Studios Blvd and make a left.  Parking is available in the covered parking structure.

A free shuttle service is available across the street from the bus stop and red line Universal City subway station and drops visitors off at the entrance to Universal Studios.  The shuttle operates 7 days a week and departs every 10 to 15 minutes.  Service begins at 7am and runs an additional two hours after park closing.   

100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA
+1 800-864-8377
Sat & Sun 10:00 - 19:00; Mon to Fri 10:00 – 17:00
100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA