Looking down from a hilltop overlooking the sea, you might feel a little twinge in the heart as you watch the waters dance away to reveal an enchanting formation. There is a reason why the romantic Twin Hearts Stone Weir on Qi-mei Island attracts lovers from all over the world.

Located on the coast in the township of Cimei, it is formed from two heart-shaped stone weirs, connected end to end. These two hearts almost look entwined, like two lovers leaning close together.

This popular and highly recognisable formation has become a symbol of Penghu. It evokes notions of romance among visitors and, not surprisingly, has been voted the number one tourist attraction in Penghu for many years.

An alluring trap

Although the Twin Hearts Stone Weir might appear to be associated with romance, the stone weirs were originally built by the locals to trap fish. During high tide, the weirs flood with water and fish.

When the tide flows out, the fish become trapped in the weirs. Although the weirs are no longer terribly effective at catching fish, they still manage to catch the hearts of many tourists on the island.

Stone Weir Festival

Penghu Stone Weir Festival is greatly celebrated in Penghu. It is mainly held for tourists who are invited to experience the traditional stone weir method of fishing. Other festivities include concerts and a carnival dedicated to delicious gourmet fares.

The hill nearby offers a captivating view of the Twin Hearts Stone Weir. For the clearest view of the formation, make sure to visit when the tide is low or going out.

Afterwards you might like to go for a swim in the lovely blue sea, wade in the water or take a walk around the area. When the tide is going out, you might enjoy stepping inside the Twin Hearts Stone Weir to feel yourself surrounded by a symbol of love – a bit of romantic fun. 

Cimei, Qi-mei Island
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Cimei, Qi-mei Island