Blessed with a stunning South Pacific climate, it’s no surprise that some of the best beaches in the region would be found in and around New Caledonia’s capital city of Noumea. From urban escapes to remote island getaways, there is a beach to cater to everyone’s taste.
Noumea is a charming city situated on the southwest coast of New Caledonia. The city’s coastline stretches from its lovely harbour to areas of hills and long white beaches, creating many picturesque getaways nearby. Here’s a look at several of the must see beaches of Noumea.

Anse Vata Beach

About a 30 minute walk from the city centre or a short taxi ride is Anse Vata.  This long stretch of white sand beach is one of Noumea’s most popular and is where the major tourist area is located. There are many hotels, restaurants and shops nearby offering a relaxing, youthful vibe. While the beach is great for swimming, this is the also the perfect spot for surfing and boogie boarding while the constant breeze offers great conditions for wind surfing too.

Baie des Citrons

Just around the northern peninsula of Anse Vata is Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay). While this may be a smaller and quieter location than Anse Vata, it is even better for swimming. Situated in a more sheltered cove the waves aren’t quite as intense and as such are perfect for a refreshing swim. There is a grassed area with benches should you need a break from the sand and surf and plenty of cafes along the street in this uniquely French area of the city.

Ile Aux Canards

This lovely island is just a five minute water-taxi ride away from Anse Vata, and if you’re after a more secluded beach experience with stunning underwater areas for snorkelling then this is the place for you. Plentiful marine life inhabit the colourful coral reef areas of an underwater reef trail where water depth ranges from shallow to about four metres.