Ready for an outdoor adventure? Hike up the still active volcano of Mount Batur in north-eastern Bali, where a variety of environments are sure to amaze nature lovers. Immerse yourself in nature as you take on the trek to Mount Batur’s summit and find lush greenery, black lava rocks, glittering mountain lakes, steaming hot springs and a sea of clouds.

Located in Kintamani, only 45 minutes from Ubud, Mount Batur is a well-known destination for outdoor enthusiasts and travellers. Standing about 1,700 metres above sea level, this enchanted world in the clouds gives visitors much to explore.

The active volcano of Mount Batur is located in the heart of a crater spanning 14 kilometres. This crater’s rim forms a ‘wall’ around the area, which also includes the pristine waters of crescent-shaped Batur Lake. Smaller villages dot the coast of the lake – some only accessible by boat. One point of interest is the village of Trunyan, which houses a banyan tree said to be more than 1,100 years old.

Visitors to the area typically arrive by car, but be mindful to keep some cash on hand for an entrance fee to the area. If you have the energy, arrange to start the climb early in the morning in order to enjoy the spectacular show of light and colour on the mountain at sunrise.

Hues of purple and pink glow above the glistening greens of rice paddies and gleaming black of lava beds. While locals may brave the trails in thongs, hiking boots are recommended on the sometimes slippery slopes.

With the changes in temperature encountered as one travels up the mountain, you’ll pass a wide variety of flora, with everything from alpine lichen to jackfruit. Plan your wardrobe accordingly, with layers you can add the higher you climb.

You’ll work up an appetite with the climb. Thanks to the warm caldera, hawkers and stall owners sell food prepared in the volcano. There are also local markets with produce from the local mountain farms. With your belly full, you may want to treat yourself after your exploration. Natural hot springs near the lake are just the thing.