Local legend says Tahiti was once part of the Great Havai’I, until such time as it broke away as a huge wild fish, swimming to its current location and transforming into land once more. No place does this legend seem more real than Fenua Aihere, the wildest part of the island, where dramatic cliffs hit the ocean I stunning fashion, before receeding into lush green rainforests filled with magical waterfalls, stunning lagoons and mysterious caves.

Fenua Aihere is wild and rarely visited, making it the perfect place to embrace your inner explorer and rediscover what lies in the wilderness. Time becomes suspended as you walk though the heavenly natural wonders – much of the peninsular is only accessible by foot, leaving the rainforests virtually untouched.

This part of the Tahitian peninsular is home to the 15 kilometre Pari Coast trail, a stunning walk through rainforests, past caves and onto sunning cliffs and beaches. It is possible to walk it by yourself, however guides a recommended, not only because they are more familiar with the terrain but because their local knowledge adds and extra dimension to the experience – they can point out hidden marae, local sacred sites, as well as petroglyphs and rock formations created by the pounding surf. Guides also offer overnight camping trips for those wishing to extend the experience.

For those less eagre to hike through the rainforest, there’s plenty on offer – the turquoise waters beg to be splashed in, kayaks can be hired or fishing boats chartered – and there’s always plenty of opportunity for a nap or barbeque on one of the sunny beaches. One must-do is to stand atop the dramatic Te Pari cliffs and watch the Pacific Ocean roll in beneath you in a stunning display of natural power and elegance. There’s precious little that Fenua Aihere doesn’t offer if you reach out and embrace the rugged Tahitian landscape.