Though you definitely won't see a shortage of colonial churches when you visit Colombia, you won't see any quite like Iglesia Museo Santa Clara. Located amongst the many sights and sounds in the historical heart of Bogota, Iglesia Museo Santa Clara was built between 1629 and 1674 as a part of the Poor Clares Convent.

Walking past it on your way to one of the many other attractions that lie within Bogota's famous Plaza de Bolivar, Iglesia Museo Santa Clara may not even catch your eye the facade of this single-nave church is that understated. Step inside however and you'll find a completely different world.

Once a place of worship, these days Iglesia Museo Santa Clara is a museum with seasonal exhibitions and walls covered with more than a 100 paintings. Not limited to just paintings you'll also find statues and artefacts dating all the way back to the 17th century.

The mood inside is distinct and quite unlike many other galleries. Being housed in a church means that you won't find bright lights like in a contemporary museum like MoMA but if squinting to read the descriptive placards becomes a little too hard, rest assured that guided tours are offered in both English and Spanish languages.

When you've finished taking in the sights at Iglesia Museo Santa Clara, nearby you'll find a whole range of other attractions in the historic Plaza de Bolivar. Museo De Artes Y Tradiciones Pop, Museo De La Policia and Museo Del Siglo Xix are three more museums to check out nearby while most of Bogota's postcard attractions including the Bogota Cathedral, Presidential Palace, El Carmen Church and the Museum Del Oro are less than a kilometre away.

When it comes time for a bite, nearby some tasty cafes and restaurants can be found including the popular trio Juan Valdez Cafe, Asiari and La Noble. 

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