Think it's impossible to see a city of 7 million in just an hour or two? Think again. Rising to a height of 3,152 metres is Monserrate Mountain. A mountain that dominates the city centre of Bogota, Monserrate is not only a popular tourist attraction but also a pilgrim site with a pretty shine perched upon the summit.

To get your way to the top you have a few options. Aerial tramway or funicular run at regular intervals and will take the least amount of time and but for the complete Monserrate experience, take your time to catch all of the mesmerising views by hiking to the summit. The total hike takes just over an hour to the top and less on the way back down.

Whichever way you reach the top, you'll no doubt have a built up a hunger by the time you get there. Thankfully you'll find not just the shrine but also restaurants, cafeterias and souvenir shops. Restaurant Casa Santa Clara is the pick of mountaintop dining options and is housed in a house dating back to 1924.

The beautiful building was relocated from the town of Usaquen to Monserrate Mountain in 1979 and these days is where you'll be able to sample classic Colombian dishes including coastal halibut, tamales from Tolima, paisa platter and barbecued pork chops.

Of-course the panoramic view is the real reason you need to go to Monserrate and all of downtown Bogota is viewable along with south Bogota. Some sections west of the city are also in sight making it perfect for an unforgettable sunset.

Make sure to check the weather forecast before you head to Monserrate as the mountain's height means that visibility is effected on cloudy days but the good news is that you can enjoy the mountain at both day and night time on a clear day. 

Carrera 2 E No. 21-48, Bogota, Colombia
+57 1 284 5700
Open all hours but best not to do the walk after dark
Carrera 2 E No. 21-48, Bogota, Colombia