Vancouver is a city that cherishes the outdoors.  With all of the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, it’s no surprise that the city itself would also enjoy some of the most beautiful natural settings in the country.  From attractive urban gardens and landscapes to inviting coastal beaches and lakefront green spaces and even a conservatory filled with tropical splendour, it’s easy to find nature in the heart of Vancouver. 

Vancouver maintains over 220 parks across the metropolitan area.  This land comprises eleven percent of the city and provides many recreational opportunities, from swimming at one of its ten ocean side beaches, strolls along a freshwater lake or taking in the tranquil scenery at a landscaped park.  Here are just a couple of the most popular choices.

Stanley Park is the largest and most popular park in the city.  This beautiful 400 hectare park is filled with wildlife and rainforest and features walking trails, coastal pathways and excellent beaches.  Enhanced with monuments and totem poles this park is always an enjoyable getaway.  In addition the park offers lovely gardens where visitors are able to enjoy a leisurely stroll.  Close by are several restaurants and cafes for casual and fine dining. 

Located just 10 minutes from downtown, Queen Elizabeth Park is known for its floral beauty and landscaped gardens.  From its perched location 152 metres above sea level it offers stunning views of the city and mountains too.  Not only does the park feature interesting gardens, it also possesses fascinating sculptures, fountains and even a tropical environment situated in the magnificent Bloedel Conservatory.