Inviting walking trails wind their way through dense forest in this gorgeous natural setting in North Vancouver.  Walk among tall pine trees, along crystal clear streams and over bridges, including an impressive suspension bridge situated over a pristine valley of water and bushland.  Today this popular destination covers over 617 acres and is filled with the second growth trees that are up to one hundred years old.

For over one hundred years, Lynn Canyon Park has been welcoming visitors to this beautiful spot which is located just minutes from downtown Vancouver.  Visitors are able to enjoy a picnic, a leisurely hike and even a swim in one of the parks many beautiful swimming holes. Photographers and nature lovers will enjoy the park for its beauty and plentiful flora and fauna.  One of the most interesting features of the park is its suspension bridge that hangs 50 metres above the canyon below.  Look down and visitors will enjoy views of natural pools and rushing waterfalls. 

The park also features an ecology centre with a natural museum and a temperate rainforest.  Visitors can learn about the unique coastal ecosystem of British Columbia through the many displays and interactive exhibits at the museum and are able to gain awareness for global environmental concerns.  There’s no missing this building as it’s in the shape of a giant dogwood, British Columbia’s provincial flower.

The park is located just east of North Vancouver.  From downtown visitors may take the sea bus to the Lonsdale Quay bus stop.  From here bus numbers 228 and 229 serve the park.  Bus 229 stops at the park’s main entrance while bus 228 stops at the Lynn Valley Centre about a 10 minute walk from the entrance.  By car follow Trans Canada Highway 1 and take exit 19.  Follow Lynn Valley Road north east and turn right on Peters Road.