For anyone who enjoys hiking, the Whitsunday Islands offer awe-inspiring trails in the midst of scenic national parks, filled with everything from thick, lush rainforests and pristine white sand beaches to ancient caves and rock formations that date back centuries.

There are 74 islands to explore in this tropical paradise, each offering spectacular look-outs and clearings where the next view is more spectacular than the last. Many of the islands include welcoming areas for camping, allowing for an extended hiking holiday where visitors can make the most of their trip and see as much of the islands as they care to tackle.

One of the best trails is the Ngaro Sea Trail, which combines sailing or kayak journeys with walking trails and campsites. The Indigenous Ngaro people roamed these islands for thousands of years and many carvings, rock formations and caves can still be seen today.

A short stroll or hearty hike - lace up and head out

Walking trails range from as just one or two kilometres to as long as seven and contain some of the most beautiful scenery found anywhere in Australia. Just some of the highlights on these walking trails include the stunning Whitehaven Beach with its colourful mix of blue waters and swirls of white sands, as well as Whitsunday Peak on Whitsunday Island which offers an incredible birds-eye-view of the surrounding sea.

Whitsunday Island is the largest of the 74 islands and a great place to concentrate your time if you are unable to kayak or sail to the other islands. Whitsunday Island is easily reached from Hamilton Island and, once there, you're invited along many lovely walking trails that will take you on a journey filled with breathtaking beauty.