The Sunshine Coast is an activity packed destination filled with all sorts of nature geared tours and sites.  From hinterland hikes and beachside fun there is something to be found for any taste.   One of the most popular yet unique attractions is a whale watching tour.  Every year from June to November whales are on their migratory journey to warmer waters and again in spring when they return to southern waters.  These times offer the perfect opportunity to sight the great marine mammals. 

As the whale pods make their journey north, the so called “humpback highway” is an active area for sightings as between 12,000 and 15,000 whales make the annual trek up towards the Great Barrier Reef.  There are many places along the coast to witness these enormous creatures.  Some of the best places for whale watching are near Coolum and Mooloolaba. 

Sightseers can catch a glimpse of whales from land based lookouts or by boat tours for sightings that offer dramatic, up close views.  Coolum has excellent vantage points from land at Point Arkwright, Point Perry and Mount Coolum.  Whales can often be seen splashing through the water and blowing air from their blow holes so take a pair of binoculars for best viewing. 

As magnificent as it is to view these beautiful creatures from afar, nothing can prepare for an up close viewing.  Whales may sense that they are being watched and at times it is seems as if they enjoy putting on their spectacular show to the delight of awe struck sightseers as they splash about, often times with magnificent breaches out of the water. 

There are several tours along the coast and some even offer your money back if a sighting isn’t made.  Prepare to be dazzled as it is a wonderful experience seeing these mammals up close.