Sunny Queensland is known for its white sandy beaches and balmy sub-tropical climate.  The beautiful Sunshine Coast personifies these wonderful natural elements and visitors to this famous coastal region will find a vast range of tours and activities to enjoy. One of the most popular coastal pastimes in Australia is surfing, and what better place for beginners to learn than in the inviting waters off the Sunshine Coast.  Beginners will find beaches with the perfect surf conditions for learning.  Whether it’s a one-on-one lesson, within a group or on an extended surf excursion, those wanting to experience the joys of surfing will find their place on the Sunshine Coast.  

With over 120 surf locations on the Sunshine Coast there are excellent conditions for all experience levels.  Here are just a few of the beaches where surfing lessons can be found for beginners – places where first timers can safely enjoy perfecting their technique out upon the waves.


Noosa has arguably one of the best beaches in the country for beginner surf enthusiasts.  Just off of Noosa’s lovely Main Beach, the gentle rolling waves of Laguna Bay offer perfect surf conditions for beginners in water that’s little more than waist deep.  Whether it’s traditional surfing or stand up paddle boarding, there are many surf lessons and schools to be found in this surfing hot spot. 


Another popular surf area is Mooloolaba.  Graced with one of the best beaches on the Sunshine Coast and a host of excellent surf lesson activities to choose from, Mooloolaba has excellent waves for surfers of any level.  Because the beach features shore breaks for more gentle waves, it is also an excellent location for new surf enthusiasts.