To the east of the Flinders Chase National Park lies the Kelly Hill Conservation Park and Caves – a series of dry limestone caves offering an awe-inspiring experience for caving enthusiasts of every level. Even if you’ve never explored beneath the Earth’s surface before, a journey into the intricate subterranean system will quickly turn you into an avid caver.

A steep staircase leads into the belly of the cave, revealing a fully lit display of stalagmite and stalactite limestone formations. On a general tour, knowledgeable guides will lead you underground and reveal the history of the caves, point out flora and fauna fossils and offer added insight into this spectacular natural phenomenon.

The Show Cave Tour will set you back $AUD17.50 for adults and $AUD10 for kids. If you’re planning on visiting a few sites, a Kangaroo Island Parks Pass is an affordable option and grants you access to the Kelly Caves, Seal Bay, Flinders Chase National Park, and the Cape Borda and Cape Willoughby Lightstations.

Put your adventure hat on!

The Kelly Hill Caves are fun for the whole family. Children aged eight and over can don a hard hat and light and scramble down the cavernous tunnels on an adventure caving tour, crawling, sliding, and slithering deep beneath the ground. The Adventure Caving Tour costs $AUD70 for adults and $AUD55 for concession cardholders and kids.

Of course, you can always stay above ground and enjoy the walking trails through the bushland atop the caves. Spend half a day on the scenic 18-kilometre Hanson Bay hike where you will pass freshwater lagoons and coastal dunes, or take a short 1.25-kilometre trek along the Burgess Hike. 

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