Fraser Island is known for its fresh water creeks and lakes and one of those is Wanggoolba Creek. Set in the dense green island rainforest, the creek’s crystal clear waters flow over the beach and into the Coral Sea. Much of the islands wildlife can be seen along the creek from birds, reptiles such as creek turtles and the recently discovered sand skink lizard as well as echidnas and other mammals.

An excellent way to see the creek is to make your way by 4WD to Central Station, an old logging camp. From here there is a trail leading to the Wanggoolba Creek boardwalk. This pleasant and easy walk offers a great vantage point as it follows the winding creek taking hikers past tall vine wrapped trees and rare ferns of the rainforest. The circuit trail is approximately 1 kilometre in length.

There are several camping sights near Wanggoolba Creek, mostly near Central Station. A 4WD is necessary to drive the island trails and guided tours are also available. The creek is also near the Fraser Island Great Walk trail, a 90 kilometre walk through much of the islands World Heritage Area.