One of Darwin’s most popular attractions for visitors and residents alike is the Stokes Hill Wharf. Located just minutes from Darwin, this historic waterfront site is filled with trendy restaurants, shops and many sightseeing opportunities.

Stokes Hill Wharf is historically significant to the area as it dates back to the early 1800’s from the early days of European settlement. It was again thrust into history when it bore the brunt of the Japanese bombing attack on Darwin in 1942, causing major damage and loss of life. There is an interesting photo display at the wharf that covers the attack and its aftermath.

In the present day however, this inviting sea side destination is all about fun. Still a working wharf today, the small ocean and fishing vessels moored here and along the lagoon add to the nautical ambiance of this inviting attraction, making this an ideal spot for an alfresco lunch or dinner or to simply take in the wonderful views of the Port of Darwin and the surrounding area. Many cruise and sightseeing tours leave from here as well, offering a great overview of the area.

Stokes Hill Wharf extends out into the Bay and makes up part of the Darwin Waterfront Lagoon. Situated on Darwin’s southern end the wharf can be reached from Stokes Hill Road.