What better place to enjoy an open seas fishing trip than on one of the many fishing charters available from Cairns near the Great Barrier Reef? This iconic location is home to not only deep blue waters and vibrant coral reefs but extensive marine life too, from mackerel and tuna to the iconic giant marlin and beautiful sailfish.

The variety of sea life makes this one of the best spots in the world for sports fishing and no matter what your experience level, you’re sure to find a fun-filled day out angling for that big catch.

Cairns is a place known for its water based activities and deep sea fishing is one of the most popular sports there is. Head out on an all day excursion or an extended trip lasting several days or even weeks. Day trips are the most popular tours, with all the necessary equipment supplied by tour operators. 

Ready to reel it in?

Morning and afternoon tea is usually supplied aboard, giving anglers time and energy to focus on the main event – the fishing! Many tours offer a close-knit experience for only four to six people and cater to both the experienced and the beginner, making for a leisurely and enjoyable experience. 

No matter what type of fishing you’re after, Cairns is bound to have it. From fresh water or salt water, light tackle or heavy tackle or simple fly fishing the array of excursions and types offered are endless. Grab some mates, pack your hat and sunscreen and head out to the blue ocean waters off Cairns and the Cape Peninsula.