Built in 1901, Cape Byron Lighthouse is a stunning tower that sits strikingly at the top of Cape Byron, a high point along the coastline's rugged cliffs. This cape is the eastern most point of the Australian mainland and the lighthouse beckons visitors with its charm.

This iconic lighthouse is one of the most popular destinations for visitors due to its picture perfect setting and panoramic views. The lighthouse guided ships through the treacherous waters below for decades and today it stands as an historic monument along with the lighthouse keeper’s inn and cottages.

As dawn breaks or dusk sets, the mesmerising glow of its light is haunting and beautiful. The eight tonne French made lens shines like a jewel on top of this glass topped tower of white concrete. Due to the high ground of Cape Byron the modest height of this lovely lighthouse is only 18 metres, however it sits 118 metres above the ocean, its light able to gaze out up to 40 kilometres. The light makes its flash over the blue ocean every fifteen seconds.

The Cape Byron Lighthouse is approximately three kilometres from Byron Bay and can be reached by Lighthouse Road. There is a car park at the top of the cape however parking is usually scarce due to the number of daily visitors. The lighthouse may also be accessed on foot by the Cape Byron walking trail.