Now referred to as the Byron Bay International Film Festival, this film-awards event showcases over two hundred films from around the world and is screened at several cinematic locations around the lovely coastal city of Byron Bay.

Taking place towards the end of the Australian summer in February or March, this increasingly popular film festival will be in its eighth year in 2014 and with its highly supportive local base has gained international recognition.

The festival’s goal is to offer a broad and diverse range of films that look to heighten social and cultural awareness. The various film awards it hands out recognises the finest in features, documentaries, music videos and many other areas. And in a nod to local Australian talent the festival grants the Young Australian Filmmaker of the Year Award.

The Byron Bay Film Festival releases its selections each year in a free programme as well as on their website. Many sessions take place at The Byron Community Centre. A unique and fun feature of this festival is its free Full Moon Cinema. Open to the public this open-air movie screening takes place along Byron Bay’s beautiful coast at Main Beach.