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Flight Centre provides travelers like you with access to great travel insurance products arranged by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd ("Zurich Insurance") which are sourced from whole of market.

About Zurich Insurance

Why use Zurich Insurance to arrange Travel Insurance products?

  • Hassle-free with all-round travel protection
  • No age restriction for enrollment of any plan levels of single trip travel plan1
  • Covers accidental loss of or damage to mobile phones2
  • Cancellation of trip due to travel delay3

What is covered in the policies we can offer?

  • Personal Accident protection
  • Medical Expenses
  • 24 hour Worldwide assistance services
  • Hospital cash
  • Worldwide medical evacuation
  • Personal Money
  • Loss of travel documents
  • Trip Cancellation / Interruption of trip
  • Travel/Baggage delay
  • Baggage and personal effects
  • Personal Liability
  • Home contents protection
  • Rental Vehicle Excess
  • Amateur Dangerous Sports Activities

Important Notes:

The information contained herein is intended for information purposes only.

It contains some information about coverage and services offered but does not list all conditions and exclusions which apply to described coverage and services.

1 Certain age groups are subject to additional policy terms and conditions
2 Only applicable to gold plan
3 Applicable only for travel delay over 10 hours

Travel Insurance FAQs

The best time to buy your travel insurance policy

A policy can be purchased 90 days prior to your planned departure date. The policies that Flight Centre arranges in conjunction with Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (a company incorporated in Switzerland with limited liability)* provides a comprehensive range of benefits, with cover starting from the time the policy is arranged to including the cover for cancellation costs. In the unfortunate event that you became ill and unfit to travel before you depart, any non-refundable money paid in advance of your trip (for example airfares, hotel booking or show tickets etc) is also covered. It is advisable to enroll as soon as your trip arrangements are finalized to take full advantage of these benefits.

Choosing the right policy

What are the key information I should look out for?

When buying any insurance policy, you should always carefully consider the Product Disclosure Statement to see if it is right for you. This will give you a full rundown on and not limiting to:

  • what you are covered for - the various benefits and sub limits
  • what you are not covered for - exclusions
  • the respective terms and conditions.

Will I be covered for adventurous activities?

Many adventure pursuits have an increased level of risk. If you are a bit of a dare devil, you will be happy to know that a variety of adventurous and sporting activities are covered. This means you can have the confidence to experience more and worry less. Contact our in-house insurance specialist to confirm if your planned adventurous activity will be covered.

A range of popular activities and even some riskier amateur sports , including winter sports, hot air balloon, scuba diving, water-skiing, rafting, sailing, parachuting accompanied by professionals, rock climbing, bungee-jumping, and horse riding are covered. However, motor racing, self-navigated aerial activities, professional sports, and sports engagements which may result to an earned income or remuneration are not covered.

What if I am travelling with my children and elderly parents?

A family holiday can work out to be expensive, but your insurance does not have to be. While policy benefits may differ across different plan options, our in-house insurance specialist will be able to arrange a plan that suits the travel needs of your entire family. At an affordable price, you can have the security of knowing your family are in safe hands.

Is there an excess or cooling off period?

There is no excess on any of the benefits nor cooling off period for the travel policies that are arranged in conjunction with Zurich Insurance.

What if I plan on studying abroad for a few months?

The travel insurance plans we arrange are for leisure or business purposes. In this connection, you are covered for the period you are away for studies as long as it does not involve physical labour or manual training for up to 180 days (single trip) or an unlimited number of 90-day trips under an annual plan.

What if I plan on visiting a few countries on one trip?

There is no geographical restriction to both single trip and annual plan. Both will insure you no matter how many countries you are stopping by on your trip.

For annual plan, you have to depart from, and return to, Hong Kong within 90 days for each journey. The insurance period will reset when you re-enter Hong Kong.

What if I plan on travelling more than once this year? ( OR what if I plan on taking a long holiday abroad?)

Both single trip and annual plans can be considered. A single trip plan insures you for up to 180 days, whereas an annual plan has no limits on the number of trips taken within the insured period and insures you for a maximum of 90 days on each trip. You can choose either single trip or annual trip plans depending on your travel needs.

If you plan on travelling quite frequently, an annual policy could be a cheaper and more convenient option for you. It allows you to enjoy the benefit of unlimited travel insurance cover for one premium for the entire year. If you are unsure whether a single trip or annual plan is best for you, our in-house insurance specialist will be more than happy to help you.

If I plan to travel to Europe, American or Asian regions, is there anything I should bear in mind?

The travel insurance we arrange do not come with geographical restrictions, covering you all the same wherever you go. If you are travelling to Europe and America or some remote locations, it is advisable to pay attention to the Global Emergency Assistance Service as provided by the plan. Since medical costs may be higher in these locations, you may also wish to consider plans with higher benefit amounts to offer protection that will match what you may need in case an incident arises.

Am I covered if I had a minor collision with another car when I was driving a rental car during the trip?

As long as you purchased a comprehensive motor insurance policy with the rental car company with an excess clause in that policy, it will be covered under the rental vehicle excess benefit accordingly, as well as personal accident and medical expenses incurred in the accident. However, personal liability benefits are not covered as the rental vehicle was in your custody during the accident.


Am I covered if I was in a traffic accident on my way to the airport before my trip even started?

You are covered for accidental death and permanent disablement due to travel accidents if they happen on the way to and from the airport within 3 hours of your flight's departure and arrival.

Am I entitled to cancellation benefits after I enrolled to the plan and was diagnosed with an illness by my doctor that I was unfit to travel?

Once you are enrolled to the plan, you are covered for trip cancellation benefits if you suffer from a sudden serious illness or injury requiring hospitalization (excluding pre-existing conditions), with your doctor certifying that you are not fit for travel, within 90 days of the start date of your trip.

Is the delay covered if I was stuck at the Hong Kong International Airport due to extreme bad weather?

Travel delay due to bad weather (for example Typhoon Signal No. 8) is covered if either your departure or arrival flight is delayed for 6 hours or more.

Is the delay covered if upon my return trip the airport was closed on security grounds?

You may make a claim if you are delayed for more than 6 hours on security grounds which have resulted in airport closure. However, any losses arising from airport closures attributable to air traffic control by local government or related authorities are not covered.

Can I cancel and request for premium refund after I enrolled to the plan?

Since you are immediately covered under the plan right after enrolment, there will not be a premium refund.

During the Trip

Can I extend my insurance while I was travelling?

If you wish to lengthen your trip while you are away, you simply need to contact us before the expiry of your current policy and provide your updated return date. Our in-house insurance specialist will arrange the extension of your single trip plan (upto a maximum of 180 days) with the relevant insurer accordingly. If you are stuck at an airport due to bad weather or otherwise detained at your destination due to circumstances beyond your control, there could be an automatic extension for up to 10 days on top of the original insurance period to your single-trip coverage free of charge.

Note: Extension while travelling is subject to Zurich Insurance’s decision. To be eligible for consideration, policy holder must ensure no claim has been made under the policy during the original coverage period prior to extension request.

What protection do I receive if a travel alert is issued for the planned destination?

If you travel to an area where Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) is hoisted, the coverage will be per your plan provisions provided that the OTA does not fall into respective policy exclusions.

What happens if things go wrong?

If something goes wrong in a foreign county, the experience may be very stressful, complex and costly. The travel insurance policy we arrange on your behalf gives you access to a 24 hour professional emergency assistance team. Whether you become seriously ill and need to be hospitalized or simply lost your passport and are stranded, this team can offer you practical support and guide you through the crisis. You can rest easy knowing that you are not alone in your moment of need.

Before contacting the assistance team, please have your full name and policy number ready in order to get help as soon as possible.

How do I make a claim?

The insurance companies should be notified within 30 days of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim. A claim form together with the required documents supporting the claim should be submitted accordingly.

Important Notes:

The information contained herein is intended for information purposes only.

It contains some information about coverage and services offered but does not list all conditions and exclusions which apply to described coverage and services.

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