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We’ve curated special yoga classes perfect for travellers. Whether you’re on-board the plane, preparing for a marathon, in your hotel room after a long day of sightseeing or a tedious business meeting, we have the perfect workout for you.

About Flight Centre Health & Wellness

Unique Spas and Retreats is a travel experience focused on health and relaxation. At Flight Centre, our highly experienced and passionate travel consultants will carefully design a lifestyle holiday to your individual needs. Whether it is for detoxification, wellness yoga or just to relax and unwind, we will always go out of our way to find you the perfect trip at a great price. Talk to our health and wellness experts today and take off on that holiday you need to give your body a boost!

About Yoogaia

Yoogaia is the world's first live and interactive online yoga studio. Founded in Finland in January 2014, Yoogaia runs studio across Finland, UK and Hong Kong, live-streaming live classes and recordings to over 50 countries in the world. To practise with Yoogaia, all one need is a computer with an Internet connection: like Facetime, a real-time connection lets the teacher instruct classes according to each individual's capabilities, ensuring safety and effectiveness, whether the user is a newbie or an advanced practitioner.

At only HK$190/month, users get unlimited access to 24/7 live classes and recordings. With classes that range from the standards Hatha and Vinyasa, to the more unique practices of Forrest Yoga and Universal Yoga, or even Mindfulness, you can be zen and fab anytime anywhere!