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A Peaceful, Peace-Motivated City

The city of Hiroshima will forever be associated with the terrible day of August 6, 1945, when it became victim to the world's first-ever atomic bomb strike. It may surprise first-time visitors, then, that this once-destroyed industrial center has risen from the ashes and is now a lovely, anything-but-gloomy city that welcomes travelers and is very mindful of its role in helping promote a nuclear-free world. The Peace Memorial Park is a calm oasis in the midst of Hiroshima's bustling downtown area. Its museum, the nearby UNESCO-listed A-bomb Dome, and assorted memorials offer a wealth of information about the day of the blast, its victims, and the city's subsequent recuperation.

A very popular short boat ride to the south of Hiroshima takes you to the little island of Miyajima, famous for its "floating torii" (shrine gate). Especially at high tide, the gate with its surrounding Inland Sea scenery fulfills its label as one of the Top Three Most Beautiful Views in Japan. Miyajima is a romantic place to stay the night when the day-tripper crowds disperse and you can explore its many walking paths and make friends with the local wild deer.

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