Check-in Guide »

Whether you're a first time traveller or in need of a refresher on the basics, our check-in guide is here to help you prepare and check-in for your domestic or international flight.

Baggage Guide »

The following guide on airport baggage includes general information only. For more detailed information please check with your airline directly or refer to our airline guides.

Passports & Visas »

Passports and visas are an essential part of international travel. When planning your flight, take the time to ensure your passport is valid and to obtain a visa (if required) before you disembark on your journey.

Foreign Currency »

From pounds to euros to yen, it pays to know your currencies when travelling. Whether you're carrying cash, credit cards or both, here's all you need to know about spending money when overseas.

Healthy Travel »

Your health and well being is important when travelling. For tips and advice for staying healthy before, during and after your flight, refer to our guide here.

Travelling with Disabilities »

Whether you require special wheelchair access, hearing assistance at the airport or want to know more about disability friendly tours, Flight Centre staff are at the ready to take the limitations away from your holiday and ensure an enjoyable journey.