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Flight Centre is supporting water advocate, Mina Guli, as she takes on the 7 Deserts Run – a challenge equivalent of 40 marathons across 7 deserts covering 7 continents in 7 weeks to deliver one message – we have a water crisis, and we need to do something about it today.


Mina will run approximate 1,688 kilometres through deserts in Spain, Jordan, Antarctica, Australia, South Africa, Chile, and the USA, where she will subject her body to some of the harshest conditions on the planet, running through extreme stress and exhaustion in soaring temperatures up to 45C and sub-zero conditions as low as -23C.


With water demand continuing to exceed supply at an alarming rate, water sustainability is critical to the future of our planet.

Let us all support Mina as she spreads the message across the globe about water conservation. Take the pledge, and be part of the change.