Why Getting Travel Insurance is Important?

31 July 2015

You may have heard the unfortunate tale of the New Zealand traveller who was involved in a serious scooter accident in Phuket, ending up in a coma. He was travelling without insurance, and so his family had to raise the NZ$50,000 (approximately HK$260,000) required to have him airlifted to Bangkok for special treatment. They also had to find an additional NZ$6,000/HK$31,000 per day for his hospital stay, medical care and surgery – sobering figures, particularly when travel insurance would have cost him just NZ$150/HK$750.

Snowboarding and scooter rental are two of the most common travel activities that can result in hefty medical bills without the proper insurance coverage, but it’s not just accidents that are covered – travel insurance can provide cover for your valuable items while you’re overseas too. 

Our customers' stories:

"My phone was stolen at Cancun. I filed for police report the next day, and sent it along with my claim. Within a month, I received the funds to purchase a new phone!" - Grace

"My friends and I went to Singapore for a weekend, but on the day of our return, HKIA was closed due to T8, and we had to stay for 2 additional nights in Singapore. The travel insurance provider reimbursed us the money enough to cover for that unexpected expense." - Johnny

"I got mugged in Belgium, and the thieves took all my money (luckily, I didn't bring a lot of cash with me!), including all debit/credit cards. When I came back to Hong Kong, I filed for a claim and was able to recoup HK$4,000." - CY

"While skiing in Niseko, I took an awkward fall and ruptured my ACL in full. In order to reduce the swelling, I began the rehab in Niseko, and then was flown back to Hong Kong via a new ticket and airline in business class. I then had access to Hong Kong's leading knee surgeon and physio. I made a full recovery in seven months, and thanks to my travel insurance policy, I was not out of pocket for any of the HK$180,000 in medical expenses." - Siam

Things to consider before your next holiday:

  • Purchase your travel insurance as soon as you book your travel. This way, any cancellations or postponements to your trip may also be covered. 
  • Be up front about your intended holiday plans. If you know you'll be skiing, riding a motorised scooter or participating in an adventurous activity, make sure your policy covers you for these activities.
  • Many medical conditions are covered by travel insurance policies so don't panic if you have a pre-existing conditions. Just let your travel consultant know at the time of booking so that they can help you apply for the right cover. 

Follow these straightforward tips and you'll be ready for your next trip... no matter what life throws at you!


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