Seeing Hong Kong from the Top

18 December 2015

Earning its title as one of the most vertical cities, Hong Kong has, debatably, the best skyline in the world. However, venture outside the main parts of the city, and you'll find stunning beaches and lush forests. Prime properties are built near the harbour coastline to afford a great view of the skyline. Active locals and tourists will hike to the summits of the city's mountains and hills to experience Hong Kong nature. But to really get a good aerial perspective of the city, head up.

Heliservices offers various routes, and the most popular one is, of course, the Hong Kong Island tour. Take in the dizzying view of endless skyscrapers as you fly across Victoria Harbour. You will find yourself spotting every landmark you know, including your apartment block!

The change of scenery is evident as you fly across the harbour to the south side. The beaches of Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay will slowly reveal themselves and you'll even get a glimpse of the cable cars in Ocean Park.

After enjoying the lush greenery of the Hong Kong south side, fly around until you're back on the main bit again. On the right side, you'll find an amazing view of Kowloon, Lion's Rock and beyond.

Whilst the entire helicopter ride will only take 15 minutes, it is an unforgettable experience seeing one of the most dazzling cities in the world.

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