Scenic Spots to Visit in China

16 February 2017
Situated in the southeastern part of the Eurasian Continent, China has both a marine and land boundary line of more than 20,000 km and a coastline of 18,000 km. Its territory extends over 50 latitudes from north to south, embracing the equatorial belt, the tropics, the subtropics, the moderate temperate zone and the cold temperate zone. It has longitudinal regular divisions of forests, grasslands, deserts, plains, hilly lands and highlands.
Traverse out of the busy cities of Beijing and Shanghai, and you will find the sheer joy of crossing such a vast and ancient land.


Located in the northern part of Sichuan province, this UNESCO-listed national park has been described as an ethereal wonderland. Here, the forces of geography, topography, and climate converge to create a distinctive scenic setting where mountains, forests, and water display a palette of different images which is truly a cornucopia of visual delights. 


Known as the Avatar Mountains, Zhangjiajie offers some of the most incredible sceneries in China. From the crystal clear waters of the Golden Whip Stream to the Tianzi Mountain, there are plenty of sites to take in the beauty of the national park. Take the Bailong elevator to Yuanjiajie to observe the natural scenery. The view from here resembles a traditional Chinese painting.


This historic town nestled at the foot of the Himalayas in Yunnan province is a region of great charm and natural beauty. Lijiang is home to a number of different minority cultures, the most dominant being the Naxi, a Tibetan group who migrated to the region over 1,500 years ago.
Located at the junction of the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau and Yunnan-Guizhou plateau stands one of Yunnan’s more famous spots, Tiger Leaping Gorge. The gorge itself is tucked neatly between the Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, which surround its tow sides. The gorge is divided into three segments with an aggregate fall of 210 meters. Most visitors take in the most famous first segment of the gorge to observe the narrowest part of the river.
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A popular river town and has become a frequent stop on itineraries of off-the-beaten-path travellers. Its striking scenery, charming atmosphere and relaxed rural life make it uniquely attractive to travelers from around the world.  The riverside market quay has grown over the years and is now an expansive mixture of stalls and shops flogging every conceivable type of item – local agricultural products, mineral rocks, wood carvings, Chinese medicines, paintings, pottery and a plethora of other goods.
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Huangshan, is mainly covered in mountains and hills and is famous for its magnificent natural scenery. Mt. Huangshan, listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site, is renowned for its rich geothermal energy resource where the mountain is made up of many granite and rocks emerging out of a sea of clouds.
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