My Cebu Getaway

2 January 2014

I recently returned from an amazing getaway in Cebu, Philippines and I am still suntanned, happy and relaxed. The beautiful sandy beaches and the delicious food made me fall in love with this destination. Let me tell you a little bit about the island of Cebu and what I did there. My trip to Cebu was action-packed! There are so many great things that I did while I was there, but here are some of my favourites:

- Mactan Island - I went over to this island to check out the many water sports options there, such as diving, snorkelling, jet ski, sailing and island hopping. I ended up going on a great snorkelling tour with a local tour group.

- Cebu Taoist Temple - Did you know that the population of Cebu is 15% Chinese? This temple is where the followers of Lao Tze come to worship and its architecture is truly stunning.

- Fort San Pedro - This military defence was built in 1565 by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. It is a peaceful spot these days and offers a lovely view at sunset.

- Kawasan Falls - I took a walk to these three beautiful waterfalls that are located just south of Cebu, then went for a refreshing swim in the cold clear water.

When I wasn't sightseeing during my trip to Cebu, I was stuffing my face with delicious food. I loved all of the delicious food that Cebu had to offer, such as the delectable puso - a diamond shaped packet of rice wrapped within a coconut leaf. I also tried pochero, which is a savoury bowl of piping-hot beef shank in rich broth.

Of course, while you are in Cebu I also recommend that you try "lechon". This is a full pig, stuffed with savoury spices and roasted over a spit. The skin turns crispy, the aroma in the air is mouth-watering and the taste will have you licking your fingers. I miss it already!

The word Sinulog comes from the word "Sulog" which refers to the motion of the water. The central theme of this festival is the baby Jesus, also known as the Santo Nino. He is considered the patron saint of Cebu, so people pay tribute to him at this festival. The streets are filled with people beating drums, playing trumpets and banging gongs. It's an amazing spectacle to see.

I wanted to visit Cebu last January for the Sinulog Festival, but I didn't get a chance to go. My friends went and they had an amazing time, so I definitely want to book my cheap flights and make it next time.

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