Luxury in Oman at Six Senses Zighy Bay

14 October 2015

When it comes to luxury hotels, Dubai will, without a doubt, be on top of the list. From extraordinary beach resorts on Palm Island to landmark sail-shaped 7-star Burj Al Arab, the emirates hub has built its reputation as the city of extravagance. This fast-growing city is a major travel hub; with plenty of flights from Hong Kong on to Europe or Africa stopover at Dubai. Consider a quick stopover in this man-made haven, or why not go beyond and explore its neighbouring countries?

Lying across the UAE border, Oman has also risen up in tourism due to its natural and cultural richness. You will see a dramatic change in landscape passing through the wind-sculpted deserts. Oman is lined with barren high-rising mountains and miles of near-empty beaches, setting on the northern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.

Where to Stay

The Six Senses Zighy Bay is the perfect detour from a Dubai stopover. It is only a 2-hour drive from Dubai Airport, an easy gateway for guests arriving from any destinations. While various hotel brands are also setting foot in this hidden gem, they are mainly close by Oman's capital Muscat, which is less accessible for both planes and cars.

Six Senses is an all-time favourite for many celebrities, and it never fails to define ultra-luxury; not in the type of gold-built hotels or chauffeur on a limo, but simply the luxe in lifestyle.

Designed like an Omani village, with narrow lanes and intricate traditional architecture, the seaside resort is also lined with date palms; and you often find some friendly 'neighbors' that come from a nearby goat range.

The massive resort provides 79 villas built of natural stone and warm woods. The interior is chicly coloured with airy sleeping and living spaces. Each villa has its own private pool, with sun loungers in the sand garden, and an ocean-facing balcony which you can hear the waves hitting the Gulf of Oman.

What to do

Explore the natural wonders of Zighy Bay, whether biking or rock climbing in the mountains; not to mention the fun in the water, diving excursions, snorkeling and fishing by the bay.

Fancy a little more romance? Hop on the Sunset Cruise with your special one, and sail into the infinite horizon. Take in the sceneries of Haffa Bay and enjoy the golden sunset behind the Musandam peninsula. Luxury can be that simple - relax and discover the natural beauty around you.

When to go

The Middle East is sunny and warm year-round, with very occasional drops in winter. The best time to visit is from November to March, when the weather is much more pleasant. Summer can be unbearably hot and humid with temperatures reaching 50°C in July or August. But most prices drop significantly around this time. That means you can stay in complete luxury at a discounted rate!

Alanna Chung

Alanna is a true Sagittarius who loves travel, music and nature. You will most likely find her hanging out in the hippest cafes, indie gigs, or on one of the many hiking trails in Hong Kong.