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15 March 2017

Jordan is a destination that's sure to attract adventure seekers - this is after all where Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed. On the itinerary should be the incomparable ancient city of Petra and the Roman ruins at Jerash, one of the best-preserved Roman sites in the world. Also consider exploring the fortress of the Ajlun Castle, which resisted the Crusaders. Recently curious Flight Centre team members ventured into Jordan to experience these great attractions. Here are just some of the images they returned to Australia with.


Camels Relaxing at Petra

Katrina Imbruglia visited Jordan with On The Go. She signed up for an 8-day special departure called the "Perseids Meteor Shower" tour. "We had a great overview of Jordan, and the finale was two nights in the desert at Wadi Rum with a stunning night sky above us, complete with dozens of shooting stars. This pic is my absolute favourite - I fell in love with camels on this trip. These sweethearts were taking a well-earned break in Petra, where they carry tourists the 12 kilometre round trip from the entrance to the Monastery. Contrary to all stories I'd heard, every last camel I met in Jordan was gentle eyed, sweet natured and very receptive to a good head rub. The soulful gaze of the guy in the foreground and the goofy grin on the camel behind him sum up the spectrum of camelhood," said Katrina.

Iftar Cakes

"I travelled during Ramadan, which I had expected to be a challenge but a fascinating cultural experience. One of the big upsides were the special iftar foods for breaking the fast at the end of the day. It was sweltering, with long days in August, and observers (which was pretty much everyone - not much choice to abstain) don't allow even a sip of water to cross their lips all day. So these iftar cakes were super sweet, made of ground nuts, I think semolina, and doused in icing sugar - all to get blood sugar levels up again," said Katrina.

The Roman Amphitheatre at Jerash

"You can see the nearby modern town in the background - imagine having Roman ruins in sight of your apartment! The acoustics in these theatres are phenomenal - they're carefully calibrated to project even a whisper from the stage to the tops of the stalls," said Katrina.

Hand-Painted Ostrich Eggs

"These hand-painted ostrich eggs were on sale at a roadside stall near Madaba - they specialise in mosaics, so lots of gorgeous hand work there," said Katrina.

Hadrian's Arch, Jerash

"Hadrian's Arch at Jerash, a short drive from Umm Qais. These ruins are incongruously set amongst a dusty sprawling city - they hold chariot races in the neighbouring Hippodrome," said Katrina.

The Nymphaeum, Umm Qais

"This site is in the very north west of Jordan, and from the spot this photo was taken you can see Israel on one side, and Syria on the other. The Roman ruins were amazingly well preserved, and the pomegranate trees were all in full fruit - spectacular. This is a Nymphaeum (fountain for nymphs to frolic in) also used as a water source for the town, two thousand years ago," said Katrina.

The Treasury, Petra

Kylie Schreiber took on a 5-week Middle East Tour which started in Turkey. The tour then took her through Syria, Jordan and finished in Egypt. "The facade of the Treasury is the iconic image of Petra. Beyond the majesty, I was captivated by these camels - one of whom is scratching his chin on the other. For me it just summed up Petra and how beautiful it is. It's also known as the Rose City due to the colour of the rocks," said Kylie.

Roman Ruins, Jerash

"A highlight of my trip to Jordan was definitely visiting the Roman ruins at Jerash. They really are incredibly well preserved," said Elle Patriki.

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