A Home on Wheels: Exploring New Zealand With the Family

9 September 2015

New Zealand is certainly a winner when it comes to family holidays. While The Land of the Long White Cloud is best known for its jaw-dropping, eyeball-popping adventure offerings, it promises an equally rich experience for those who choose simply to hit the open road. Both the North and South Islands are primed for road trips, but swap the wagon for a home on wheels and you'll open up a whole new world for your tribe of travellers.

A motorhome holiday is a chance for families to throw away their schedules and embrace the freedom of flexibility (and maybe leave their iPads at home). Whether you're a first-time traveller or a seasoned New Zealand explorer, a motorhome puts everything– including the kitchen sink – at your disposal, no matter where you happen to find yourself.

Having your accommodation and transport neatly rolled into one means less time checking into hotels and more time off the beaten path, taking in the sights at your leisure. It gets even better when you start crunching the numbers. A large motorhome can sleep up to eight people, and costs significantly less per night than two or three hotel rooms. Self-catering then adds even more dollars back into the activities kitty, while also giving any budding masterchefs the chance to have some fun with the local, seasonal ingredients.

When it comes to motorhome life, kids will get a kick out of sleeping in berths, and the whole family will love waking up to a different view each day, from the great lands of 'Middle Earth' to the alpine landscape of Queenstown. When pulling into campgrounds, you're guaranteed to meet like-minded families. Activities abound, instant friendships are formed, and family members can enjoy a much-needed break from one another if so desired. A family holiday is never without its grumbles, but memories formed on a motorhome adventure will long outlive any cries of "are we there yet?"

By Anna Howard

Flight Centre

This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia.