REVIEW: Delta Comfort +

31 July 2015

The idea of going somewhere different excites me. After living in Hong Kong for almost 9 years, I pretty much explored most of Asia. So these days, I make a lot more effort going to the other side of the globe. That means I spend a big chunk of my holidays on an airplane. Yes, travelling is exciting… but flying long-haul isn't. Let's face it. We don't want to be cramped in the seat for over 12 hours. That's why in my recent trip to the States, I decided to fly Premium Economy instead. Or for Delta, it's called Delta Comfort+. I paid a bit more, but was it worth it? Here's my review.

Check-in and Boarding

There's no separate check-in counter for Comfort+ passengers. Therefore, you will have to check-in with the Economy Class passengers. You can always check-in online and avoid the long queue. Comfort+ passengers get priority boarding, though. The Sky Priority Boarding means you'll be one of the first on board and off the plane.


While the size of the seats is pretty much the same as Economy Class seats, the extra 4 inches legroom makes the biggest difference, especially for a long-haul flight. Comfort+ seats also get an additional 50% recline. Sleeping is possible - unless you're sitting next to a crying baby. Tip: If possible, request for bulkhead row so you get an even bigger space.

Food & Beverage

You get the same meal as the economy class passengers, but because Comfort+ passengers are seated at the very front of the main cabin, you get served first. That means you will have the option to choose what meal you want to eat. If you're sat all the way at the back, they might run out of the meal you prefer. Comfort+ passengers also get offered complimentary wine/spirits/beer.


I enjoy catching up on new movies while flying. So the complimentary premium entertainment from Delta Studio was definitely a plus. For those who need to catch up on work emails can opt to pay for the onboard wifi available throughout the flight except during take-off and landing.

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Cecilia Yee

Our resident yogi, Cecilia is passionate about three things: travel, music and good food. Her sense of adventure will inspire you to see the world: skydiving over Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving in Silfra, trekking Mt Kilimanjaro, witnessing the Northern Lights, dancing until the sun comes up at music festivals, travelling to cool places like Zanzibar, Cuba, Tibet, Iran, and more.