REVIEW: Cocoa Island by COMO, Maldives

3 February 2015

When it comes to travel, many fly halfway around the world for work, some travel to explore the world, to experience the cultural aspects of different cities, hoping there is 48 hours a day to learn and belong... and there are those who travel purely for the sake of getting away without much of a reason, hoping time would stand still. So what about myself? Travel to me is more than just a passion; it is an opportunity for one to escape from the reality but in style of course! It is never about how much you spend on your holidays but rather the quality of it.

My journey is to the island paradise of Maldives in the middle of the Indian Oceans. Contrary to common belief, Maldives is not that out of reach. It is no longer the so called exclusive destination for the ultra rich but what I like to call affordable luxury. Roughly 50% of Maldivians are in the hospitality industry, it's obviously one of the key pillars for the country's economy and what drives the continuous improvement and development with its tourism, the ultimate beneficiary is travellers looking for the perfect getaway.

How to get there:

Worth noting that direct flights from Hong Kong fly into the international island airport of Male during the evening, hence for hotels that are further away, it is often necessary to stay in Male for one night before flying off again on a seaplane to your selected hotel in the morning after. The alternative is the select hotels that can be reached by speedboat which can range from 15 to 45 minutes so you can reach the hotel right after arrival.

Where to stay:

We stayed at Cocoa Island by Como which is roughly 40 minutes by speedboat from the airport. Prior to boarding our speedboat, we were offered the option to order some late night snacks / meals so that we can replenish our hunger as soon as we arrived and completed the check-in process at the resort!

Thoughtful offerings that made us feel privileged indeed. It is worth noting that taking the speedboat ride at night can be rather bumpy at times. Upon arrival at the resort jetty, we were warmly greeted by the concierge, and soon after the registration plus check in over a freshly opened young coconut, we were escorted to our 2 bedroom Como villa at the far end of the resort. We couldn't see much since it was pitch dark outside with only the stars and a few romantic guiding lights to lead our way. I took advantage of the villa, and spent over an hour in the bubble bath – and the villa also has an amazing outdoor shower under the stars!

Cocoa Island by COMO is a relatively exclusive small island resort with 33 units in total. With 4 different room categories all over water villas with direct access to the Indian Ocean, you will surely find one your prefer. Also, the high staff to guest ratio guarantees tentative service on request. Not to mention their own brand of amenities COMO Shambhala.

What to see:

Partly due to the 3 hours jet lag and partly due to the photographer inside myself, I woke up around 7:30am local time just for the morning pictures. Except for the larger villas, most are inspired by the tradition dhoni boats which are wood curved vessels used by local fishermen. Also worth noting is that each unit has its own private terrace with direct access to the magnificent Maldivian sea!

People say Maldives is a slice of paradise and I could not agree more. Breakfast by the beach is more than just an option but pretty much standard offering. Comfortable breeze from all around and dining under such a clear blue sky is quite speechless indeed.

Due to the short stay at this resort, we decided to go for a short snorkeling adventure. The resort marine centre offers all sort of water activities but highly recommended to book in advance. We certainly went all out to experience and explore the famous marine life of Maldives

When it comes to holidays, it is never too long, always too short! Our few nights' stay at Cocoa Island by COMO was too short indeed but we have enjoyed it very much. Parting is such sweet sorrow but that's life right?


By Jason Tse

Flight Centre Consultants

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