3 Things to Remember When Travelling

15 July 2015

Greetings to all world travellers and summer vacationists.



It is your favourite season. Pack your summer essentials, scroll through your checklist and head to the airport. Before losing your head fully in the excitement of experiencing new cultures, discovering breathtaking landscapes, swimming in the turquoise ocean and tasting everything on the menu, no matter where you are, pause for a second and sneak a tiny bit of awareness into your journey.

Following the "Three Lights", stay in top shape to be able to take it all in and shine it all out during your holidays.

Eat Light

Many of you like to loosen the strap of your pants (or skirt) and go easy on yourselves in your daily diet during the best time off of the year. I agree on treating yourselves. You deserve it. However, don't sacrifice the pre-beach workout results for some scoops of sugary ice cream and syrupy cocktails. Respect your achievements and mindfully make the right choice of eating lighter meals of fresh veggies and fruits over less meat and carbs, drinking plenty of mineral water and fresh fruit juice over fizzy drinks and alcohol. You will not only keep your beach body but also feel lighter and ore energized for completing your sightseeing list.

Travel Light

No, this part is not about the weight limit of your luggage. Although you could also re-think what is really essential in that bag and let go of carrying your home on your shoulders. They will thank you. Just as your whole body will do so if you prevent the post-flight tiredness by some easy exercises.

Be the Light

Eating light food and travelling with light body will give you the result of effortless enjoyment and gratitude. Go out and experience, explore the world, inhale all the beauty and exhale all its joy. Radiate and share your happiness along your journey. Become the ever-shining light itself.

Mariann Vella

First touched by the hands of yoga in 2007 back in Budapest, she has been influenced by various teachers across different countries and cultures. She did her first 200-hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India at Himalayan Yoga Academy and an intensive teacher training with Patrick Creelman at Pure Yoga Hong Kong. She likes to balance the physical effort and the more subtle work of getting in closer with who we really are.