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Jet Airways Popular Flights

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Economy Class

Jet Airways now have on-demand screen entertainment on the majority of international flights. With 10.6inch seatback touch screen TVs, passengers can pass the time by selecting from movies, music and interactive games to entertain the whole family. Economy travellers can expect a seat pitch of 30-32 inches, and a hammock headrest and unique netted footrest. The seat bottom reclines forwards for increased comfort and space. A full hot meal and beverage service is provided, plus a second meal on longer flights.

Business: Premiere

Jet off in style with Jet Airways ‘Premiere Class’ featuring totally reclinable flatbed seating, with in seat power supply and private on-demand entertainment screen with noise cancelling headphones. A blanket, pillow, pyjamas and amenities are provided to help passengers get a good night sleep and arrive feeling refreshed. The onboard dining experience in the Premiere Cabin is a cut above, with Business Class restaurant style meals served up alongside fine wines and champagnes. Passengers can help themselves to snacks from the snack bar within the cabin during the flight.

First Class

For the ultimate silver service treatment, First Class travel is available on Jet Airways 777-300 flights. First Class guests dine on five-course restaurant quality meals complete with the finest champagnes, wines and a selection of international whiskeys. Luxurious wide seating can recline into a private flat bed suite with sliding doors, complete with duvet, pillows and pyjamas for a great nights sleep. All seating includes an individual power supply and a 23-inch flatscreen TV featuring full on-demand entertainment system, with Bose noise-cancelling headphones.


Economy passengers can bring one piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 7kgs, with a sum of dimensions of no more than 115cm. For Premiere and First Class passengers, the weight allowance is increased to 10kg.  All passengers may also bring a small personal item such as a handbag, coat, reading material, laptop, camera or similar.

Checked Baggage

Free baggage allowance with Jet Airways varies depending on the destination, with exact allowance printed on traveller’s ticket. Economy passengers may check baggage with a maximum weight allowance of 23kg, increasing to 30kg on some flights, including India-UK and India-Australia routes. Premiere Class passengers can check-in 30kg of luggage as standard, with some flights offering an allowance of 2 bags up to 23kg each. For First Class travel this allowance increases to a generous 3 pieces of checked luggage with a maximum weight of 23kg per piece.

Bulky Items

Jet Airways allows the transport of bulky items such as sporting equipment to be counted as part of normal checked baggage allowance. Types of sports equipment that can travel under this arrangement include bicycles, fishing equipment, golf kits, scuba diving gear, ski and snowboarding equipment, water-skis and surfboards. This type of equipment is subject to standard excess baggage fees when it exceeds a passengers free baggage allowance.

Infant Baggage

An infant traveling on Jet Airways, regardless of class, is permitted to bring a collapsible stroller, plus 10kg of checked luggage. Infants up to 24 months can travel on laps for a reduced fare, or a separate seat can be booked at child fare as a long as parents provide a child restraint seat.

Restricted or Dangerous Goods

For security purposes, items banned from carry-on luggage include knives, scissors, sharp instruments, tools, firearms and ammunition (and replicas). Medicines and toiletries may be taken onboard the aircraft in limited quantities.

Some dangerous products and articles are also banned from check-in luggage, including compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids, radioactive materials, oxidising materials, and poisons.


Checking in to your Jet Airways flight couldn’t be easier, with a range of different real-time check in options available. Avoid queues at the airport by checking-in online from the comfort of your home or office, or even on the go on your mobile phone from 48 hours prior to travel. Kiosk and counter check-in is also available if you prefer to check in at the airport.

Web Check-in

Visit Jet Airways website to check-in online from 48 hours before you travel (24 hours for Economy passengers without JetPrivilege Platinum/Gold status) up to 2 hours before flight departs. Web check-in is a seamless process allowing you to select your seat, and print your e-boarding pass, which can be exchanged at the airport for an airport printed boarding pass.

Mobile Check-in

Just as with web check-in, mobile check-in is an easy and straightforward process available up to 48 hours prior to travel for many travellers. Check in on the go on your mobile device, choose your seat and have your e-boarding pass sent to your designated email address. E-boarding passes can be shown at the airport counter where an airport printed boarding pass will be issued.

Kiosk Check-in

Touch screen kiosks are available at many Indian airports including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi and Mumbai. Open from 24 hours prior to scheduled departure up until one hour before flight leaves, kiosks offer a convenient and simple way to check yourself in, choose your preferred seat and print your own boarding pass.

Airport Check-in

Check-in counters at the airport open 3 hours prior to departure time up until one hour before departure.


Passengers travelling with Jet Airways in First and Premiere class, plus JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members, are eligible for entry to certain Airport Lounges throughout India and across the globe.

At Mumbai airport, Premiere Class guests can enjoy the comfort and facilities at MALS Lounge on Level 3. First Class passengers and Platinum and Gold JetPrivilege members are eligible for use of the neighbouring Oberoi Clipper Lounge. Both lounges are open 24 hours a day, offering light refreshments, WiFi, TV, and washrooms.


Jet Airways’ award-winning frequent flyer program, JetPrivilege, allows members to earn miles every time they fly with the airline, with miles earned dependant on class of travel. The five-tier status level membership offers generous privileges and benefits plus fast status upgrade and a straightforward points redemption system. Certain membership benefits can also be enjoyed on Etihad partner airline flights.

Status Levels


Entry-level membership to the JetPrivileges loyalty program allows you to earn JPMIles and JP Tier points on all travel with the airline. Points can be redeemed for award travel and upgrades, and bonus JPMiles can be earned for using online E-services to book and check-in.

Blue Plus

When a member has accumulated 5 Tier Points, or 7,500 Tier JPMiles in a six month time period, they are eligible for Blue Plus JetPrivilege membership. Additional benefits include attaining a bonus 750 JPMiles upon attainment of Blue Plus Tier level, boosting members’ chances of moving up to elite JetPrivilege status.


The first level of JetPrivilege’s ‘elite’ status membership, upgrade to Silver can be obtained by earning 15 Tier Points / 22,500 Tier JPMiles within 6 months, or 20 Tier Points / 30,000 Tier JPMiles within 12 months. Once a member reaches Silver status level, additional benefits include check-in at dedicated counters, priority standby, and an extra checked baggage allowance of 10kg-23kg depending on destination. You’ll also start earning 10% extra Tier Bonus JPMiles, and receive one travel upgrade voucher for the year.


JetPrivilege Gold Membership is available to those frequent flyers who obtain 30 Tier Points / 45,000 Tier JPMiles in 6 months, or 40 Tier Points / 60,000 Tier JPMiles within a 12 month timeframe. Gold members receive 3 free travel upgrade vouchers each year, and an increased baggage allowance of between 15-23kgs depending on destination. Priority baggage tagging is an additional feature of this membership level, as well as Airport Lounge access regardless of travel class.


To upgrade from Gold to Platinum membership, you’ll need to earn at least 45 Tier Points / 67,500 Tier JPMiles in 6 months, or 60 Tier Points / 90,000 Tier JPMiles in 12 months. Platinum members enjoy 30% Tier Bonus JPMiles, extra baggage allowance of between 20-23kg, plus 5 travel upgrade vouchers per year.


Boeing 777-300ER

Airbus A330-300

Jet Airways is one of India's largest airlines, servicing 75 destinations within India and across the world.

Jet Airways India in the sky
Jet Airways India in the sky

Jet Airways is one of India's largest airlines, servicing 75 destinations within India and across the world.

Jet Airways lounge, London
Jet Airways lounge, London

Jet Airways is one of India's largest airlines, servicing 75 destinations within India and across the world.

Jet Airways flight crew
Jet Airways flight crew

Jet Airways is one of India's largest airlines, servicing 75 destinations within India and across the world.

Flat beds
Flat beds

Jet Airways is one of India's largest airlines, servicing 75 destinations within India and across the world.

Travelling in style
Travelling in style

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